How APOGives Back

At The American Pops Orchestra, we’re just as committed to building up our community of artists, performers, students and partners as we are producing exciting musical events and concerts.

APO is dedicated to giving back to the artistic community through partnering with other organizations to build community in the arts world. We regularly contribute to and hold up LGBTQ+ organizations and performing arts nonprofits across the country through event partnerships, including our Name That Tune Trivia series, Drag Out The Holly concert, and more.

As we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, The American Pops Orchestra doubled down on our efforts to compensate our artists fairly during a time of uncertainty. Thanks to our generous supporters, we presented 80 virtual events throughout 2020 and were able to pay our artists at a pre-COVID rate.

This page highlights just a few of the ways APO gives back to the broader arts community.


Number of concerts performed since March 2020.


Number of artists and employees paid through the COVID-19 pandemic


Organizations partnered with since March 2020


Raised for LGBTQ+ and performing arts partners across the country