Dave Detwiler

Principal Trumpet


Dave is incredibly honored to be selected as APO’s Principal Trumpet and counts it as one of the finest orchestras he has ever performed with (and certainly the most fun).

Beyond APO

Dave Detwiler has had a 26 Year career with The U.S.Army Band, Pershing’s Own, as trumpet soloist with The Army Concert Band, and Lead and Jazz trumpet with The U.S Army Blues from 1973-2000. He was a soloist on “Scream Machine” the original version with The Army Blues. Dave has had a 32-year career with The NSO, as lead trumpet and jazz soloist with The NSO ”Pops” under Marvin Hamlisch and Stephen Reineke. Between 1988-present, he has played more than 200 solos with The NSO including a featured solo on the televised “Memorial Day” concert. He has served as Principle Trumpet for various events and orchestras, including: Principle Trumpet “A Capital 4th” and “Memorial Day” TV specials for 34 Years; Principle Trumpet “Helen Hayes Awards” for 18 years; Principle and 2nd Trumpet “Christmas IN Washington” TV show for 24 years; Principle Trumpet-AFPO; Principle Trumpet-APO; Wolftrap Foundation Orchestra; J.F. Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra Shows; The National Theatre Orchestra; Founder and Principle Trumpet for the Prelude Brass Quintet; Prelude Orchestra; and Jazz Trumpet “The White House Band”.

Dave has spent many years as the director of Georgetown University Jazz, and presently is director of The Young Patriots Trumpet Ensemble of Northern Virginia. From 1973 – present, Dave has maintained a large teaching studio in Northern Virginia where he has tutored hundreds of young trumpet players, including 9 active duty trumpet players currently serving in the DC military bands.


At a very early age Ray Detwiler and Martha Williams Detwiler, Dave’s father and mother, taught him how to play the trumpet and piano. He then studied with Charles Hois (Pgh Symphony) and Tony Pascarelli (Pgh show player) while at University of Pittsburgh. Dave continues to count the other professionals in his life as mentors, including Donald Bird, Nathan Davis, Steve Hendrickson, Rick Baptist, Fred Irby, and Wayne Bergeron.

Listen to Dave Perform:

Favorite APO Moment

The New Years Eve performance of United in Song at Mt. Vernon!

Favorite Pop Music Song

"What The World Needs Now (Is Love)" by Dionne Warwick